1) Do not depend on others

As much as possible, have confidence in yourself and do not compare yourself to others. Try not to be in need of others’ compliments to feel fulfilled. Do not mistake dependence for love. True love allows our loved ones to be free.

2) Rely On The Higher Force

Pursue your path, but know that along your path a Higher Force may have planned things for you you did not expect. Accept these gifts graciously. The more open you stay on your path the more “miracles” will happen in your life.

3) Create Harmony In Your Life

Little by little, create more harmony in your life every day. The next time somebody in your close environment – kids, spouse, neighbour, colleague etc. – upsets you, take a deep breath and re-act with kindness.

4) Gather Inner Strength

Dedicate a little time each day just to yourself. Shut out the noise of the world and listen to yourself. In the beginning, you will hear a lot of voices. As time goes by, the “inner noise” will quiet down.

5) Be One With Being Alone

Realize what strength there is in silence and in being alone. Enjoy your own company and don’t forget to do something good to yourself just like you do for your family and friends. You are worth it!

6) Realize The Truth

Realize that “The Truth” simply does not exist. What is true for you, may not necessarily be valid for somebody else. In this regard, share your “truth” with others, and do not judge them for sharing a different truth.

7) Live From Within

The more inner strength you gather and the more you become one with being alone, the more will you live from within. Outward influences will have less and less effect on you and you will instinctively make the right choices in your life.

8) Take Obstacles As An Opportunity to Learn

If your life would take its course without any challenges to face, there would be no learning process. The more you are willing to see obstacles as challenges from which you can learn, the easier it will be for you to overcome the so-called obstacles and see them as new opportunities for growth.

9) Face Difficulties

Delaying the solving of difficulties results in unnecessary fueling of energy into the problem, which will not let you rest until solved. Better to face it at once. The more you cultivatee to see obstacles as an opportunity to learn, the less difficulties you will experience in your life.

10) Use Your Time Wisely

Live each day as if it could be your last. Do not delay things you can do today, but on the other hand be aware of the relativity of time. Do not put yourself under pressure, because there is still so much you have to do. Do it one step at a time, and stay focused at what your doing.

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