Imagine your present life taking place in a four-floor ‘life tower’. You look out the window from the first floor of this tower and you can see certain parts of your life landscape unfolding in front of you. But your view is limited.

A little ahead in the distance you see a place in your life landscape that is causing you problems. Here, from the first floor you cannot see this place clearly. It is too far away and entangled. At that moment you realize that there is a second floor where you went several times before when you had to solve problems.

You quickly move up to the second floor of your life tower. Looking out the window from here, you now see details of this problem place that you haven’t noticed before. With this new and seemingly broadened view it is easy for you to solve your problem.

The same is true for the third and the fourth floor. For many years now your life centers around these four floors. And as time goes by you keep encountering feelings and thoughts of doubt and uncertainty combined with a longing for a more meaningful life.

Then one day you have a very profound dream in which you are made aware of a secret door. The next day you start looking for this door in your tower, and indeed, there it is, hidden away in a corner on the fourth floor. While you are trying to open what seems to be a very old door, you ask yourself what could possibly be hidden behind it, and before you have the time to think of an answer the door opens into a much lighter and more spacious fifth floor.

You start exploring the rooms on this fifth floor, accompanied by an odd feeling of having found something close to you that you had lost a long time and forgotten about it. And as you look out the window over your life landscape, you feel a deep sense of awakeness and awareness of being connected with life, with people and with nature.

It almost seems as if something has changed out there in your life landscape, but as you look closer you realize that nothing in your landscape, your life, your work, or the people around you has changed. And you realize: It is you that has changed, it is your way of viewing things, that has changed. Everything is clearer and more perceivable from this elevated ‘floor of consciousness’. You are able to see the bigger picture which was hidden from you in floors one to four. The things people do, your own life situation, the task at work – everything gains a new quality and insight by looking at it from this broadened perspective.

It now happens more and more often that the Light Rays of truth and awakeness enlighten your fifth floor of consciousness, much more than this was possible on the lower floors. And you know you have the way that will lead you into even higher floors of consciousness, into the wonderful world of Light.

It is Your Inner World of Light – Your Higher Self
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