We all know how attached we get to the pets and animals that share our lives and our environment with us. They become members of our family and beloved friends.

From a spiritual point of view, pets and other domestic animals play a major role in our well-being. They are our spiritual helpers and more often than not they take upon themselves “negative” energies we have build up in our bodies. They therefore deserve it all the more that we send them our healing energies.

A distant healing session for a pet works in the same way as a distant healing for humans, so for you to get an impression on how our spiritual energy sessions work, we suggest you visit the Personal Healing Path and go over the questions and answers.

Requesting a healing for your pet is easy: Just fill in the form below. If possible, please send us a picture of your pet separately by email [aumara-at-aumara.com]. The healing session for your pet will be initiated within a week from submitting your request, and you will receive a confirmation by email. As always, your feedback, which should preferably be submitted once a week during the one month healing cycle, will be highly appreciated and helpful in determining the further direction of healing process.

We also offer chat sessions in combination with or as a follow-up on your pet’s healing sessions.

Our distant pet healing sessions are offered as a free service. If you would like to support our Circle with a donation, please go here for details. 10% of your donation will be shared with global non-profit organizations.

Our healing sessions are not intended to replace veterinary care and/or treatment and no promises or guarantees of any kind as to healing or curing of your pet are made by the Aumara Light & Healing Circle. All healing requests to our Circle are treated confidentially. The Aumara Light & Healing Circle is committed to the universal laws of love and energy and is not affiliated with any particular religion, movement or organization.