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The following Q&A will help you to gain a better insight into the process
of receiving a spiritual healing.

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Can I request a healing for anyone?

Basically, you can request a healing for either yourself or any other person, however, it is recommended you request a healing only for yourself, as the healing energies will work best if you yourself requested the healing. Requesting help is a big step in the healing process, and many of us find it difficult to ask for help, therefore it is not always helpful if we do the job for someone else rather than having them do it, even if our intentions are good. If you know of someone who you think might benefit from our healing, it is best to refer them to our Circle, so they can submit their own request.

If you wish to request a healing for somebody else, please go to the next section for more info.

If the healing is not for me, do I need the other person’s permission to request a healing for them?

You don’t need a person’s permission to ask for them to be helped or healed, just like you would not need a permission if you pray for them. The important thing is that you want to help them and wish them well.

Regarding the question of interfering with another person’s karma or destiny – we are all connected to one another and constantly creating energy patterns (“karma”) among ourselves. If the person you request the healing for is not helped by the healing, then there are possibly some other lessons that he has to learn or another path he has to take, but you can never do any harm by requesting a healing.

When requesting a healing for another person, please bear in mind that healing cannot be used to influence another person or to shape them in any way, also if we think that this is in their best interest. What healing can do is help them tap into their own potential and live up to it.

How do I request a healing?

Not much information is required for a healing. At the end of this page you will find the Healing Request Form. Please fill this in and send it to us.

If possible, please send a recent photograph of yourself/the person the healing is requested for attached as a .gif or .jpg file to by separate e-mail addressed to The Aumara Light & Healing Circle  ~ aumara[at]aumara.com (just mention your name again in the subject).

While for the healer a picture is a great help to focus the healing energy channeled, the healing will also take place and will be equally effective without a person’s picture, but please do mention the name and birth date of the person the healing is requested for.

What happens after I request a healing?

After we receive your request for healing we will inform you within 1-2 days that your healing request has been initiated. You will receive the four dates and hours of the healing sessions of your one-month healing cycle. You will also receive a personal affirmation to accompany you through your healing cycle.

Each personal healing session is initiated individually. It is similar to a healing session where the person requesting the healing is present, and includes:

  • Scanning of the aura, the energy centers (chakras) and the energy levels
    Location of any blockages on the physical, mental and emotional level and clearing  of these blockages
  • Balancing of the energy centres (chakras)
  • Balancing of the aura
  • Opening of the aura and attunement to the highest possible energy level the person can attain at this moment
  • Opening and expansion of the aura, which is necessary to keep the healing as well as the self-healing energy working after the initiation.

The above are only very general characteristics of a healing session. Each healing process is individual and accordingly each initiation is individual. Many times we connect with the subconscious of the person who requested a healing and talk to them, through their subconscious, to clarify and clear blockages and especially emotional trauma (at the same time the person can be thousand of miles away and not even aware of the process).

One healing initiation consists of a one-month healing circle, during which usually one weekly healing session is held, however the number of sessions held during the healing circle may vary.

How often do I have to request a healing?

After having finished your first healing cycle (we will inform you once the initiation of the first cycle is completed), the healing energy will continue to work its way through all your energy levels. It is therefore not necessary to immediately request another healing initiation.

On the other hand it would be irresponsible to claim that all your physical, mental and emotional blockages can be cleared and total balance restored with just a one-month healing cycle.

The healing sessions we offer intend to bring about change in your life in a smooth, gradual and gentle way. It will take some time for your energy patterns to change and for your body, your mind, and your subconscious to adjust.

We therefore recommend you request additional one-month healing cycles every 3 to 6 months. We trust you will open and aware to feel and realize when the time has come to request a further healing. If you are unsure, you can always contact us.

As you continue on your journey, after a year or two you may feel you wish to request a healing only once a year, to keep the balance.

How and when do I know that the healing is working?

People react to healing very differently. Some feel that very distinctive changes (which can be range from physical to emotional) are going on, others do not feel a thing (while many times the people around them observe a difference in them).

Some feel the effects of the healing immediately after the healing is initiated (as this is a distant healing you will however not be aware of the exact moment this is happening, and neither do we believe that
this is necessary – on the contrary), while others feel them only a day or a week later.

Our advice to you is to just take it easy. Whether this healing request is for you or someone else, just be confident and maintain a positive attitude.

Does healing really help?

No guarantee can ever be given that healing can cure any or all diseases or disorders. The real meaning of the world “healing” is “to make whole” – the ultimate goal of healing is to integrate all energy levels of our being (when we have reached this goal we are enlightened).

Healing effects all our energy levels, so healing takes place not only on the physical, but also on the mental and emotional level, and the energies will go exactly where they are needed most at the moment. Therefore, healing helps you to overcome a cold the same as it helps you to take another step on your path to enlightenment, and amazing things can happen during healing processes.

Our healing sessions are not only meant to alleviate physical pain (even though this too is achieved by healing), but to make you embark on a spiritual adventure, which will help you unfold your true potential and lead a meaningful and happy life on all levels, if you so choose.

At any moment and any given time, be ready and willing to expect – and accept – miracles, and they will manifest in your life on a day to day basis.

What are the fees involved in receiving a healing?

A contribution fee of US$ 30.00 in return for our distant healing service is requested for one healing cycle of one weekly healing session over a one-month period. This one-month-period is a healing initiation, and the healing process will continue after this one-month period, over a period of 3-6 months.

For any repeated healing requests, the contribution fee is US$ 20.00.

We donate 10% of your fee to global non-profit organizations in service to environment, peace and global awareness.

Please click here for secure online credit card payment via PayPal.

After your payment has been made you will be returned to this page where you can fill in the healing request form below. Your request will be initiated after your contribution is received.

Your contribution:

  • enables us to continue offering our service at a fee affordable to all.
  • helps to maintain and expand this site, and to spread love, spiritual knowledge and the healing light throughout the world.
  • helps to support organizations in service to environment, global awareness and peace.
  • helps to maintain the balance of give and take.
  • enables you to create a value to the service you are receiving.
  • confirms your commitment to enter the path of healing and spiritual work.

Many have asked us why our fee is so low, as compared to other healing sessions which are priced at US$ 40-60 per session, i.e. about US$ 160-240 per month, opposed to the US$ 30 we charge. The reason is really simple – we want to keep our service affordable to everyone.

If you wish to place a free request, please visit our  Global Healing Circle.

Our healing sessions are not intended to replace medical advice and/or treatment and no promises or guarantees of any kind as to healing or cure  are made by the Aumara Light & Healing Circle. All healing requests to our Circle are treated confidentially. The Aumara Light & Healing Circle is committed to the universal laws of love and energy and is not affiliated with any particular religion, movement or organization.



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