Personal Healing Initiation

Requesting a personal healing means that your healing request will be initiated individually by the founder of our Circle.

(Please go here to read more about our Circle and its founder Anita-Naama Asman)

It also means that you enter the path of healing and self-growth the moment your healing is initiated. You do not have to do much to make this happen, it will happen by itself, through the healing.

The personal healing initiation is essentially focusing on your spiritual growth and you will literally “Embark on a Spiritual Adventure”.

It also means that you will be opened up to some very interesting self-work that will help you to realize your own potential and be healed.

~ Being healed means being whole ~

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Spiritual Guidance Chat Sessions

Anita also offers chat sessions on spiritual awareness and development or as a follow-up on personal healing initiations or pet healings.

These sessions are a wonderful way to connect with your Inner Being and can be a helpful tool on your spiritual path.

Currently booked out until April 2023 – please stay tuned as we make new dates available.

Place A Healing Request at our Global Healing Circle

On this page you can leave your name and details and thereby request that healing energies will be sent you by the visitors to Our Circle. There is no charge on this service.

We also encourage you, the visitors to our Circle, to visit this page and take a moment to send your love, healing energies and good intentions to our fellow souls listed on that page and who request and need your help and support.

~This service will be relaunched soon – Stay tuned~

Request a Healing for your Pet

Our pets are in fact our spiritual helpers and more often than not they take upon themselves “negative” energies we have build up in our bodies. They therefore deserve it all the more that we send them our healing energies.

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