A story on past lives, spirit guides and intuition

Lea was tired. She had a long flight half around the world, which ended in a bus trip in an old bus that looked as if it would fall apart in a second. Her whole body hurt from the strains of the journey. Half dreaming, she barely noticed the beautiful wild landscapes… The bus stopped. Startled, Lea woke up. “Are we finally there”, she asked herself. No, it was only a gas station. The driver got off the bus. She heard him cursing and yelling at the station attendant. Not knowing the language, Lea followed the gestures,trying to imagine what they were talking about. It could be many things. What would a bus driver in her home country say? She couldn’t come up with anything. Home was so far away. It seemed that along with the geographical distance there was also a mental distance.

She pushed her thoughts aside and looked out the window. Her eyes hurt from the bright light. The road seemed to be glowing from the heat . On the other side of the road there was an old road sign, with the letters on it barely visible. The sunlight that fell on the sign dazzled her, but something forced her to look back.

A haggard man was sitting at the bottom the sign. He was sitting on a bundle, probably all his belongings. The people in this country didn’t own very much. Still, carrying a lot of stuff in her suitcase, she envied the man for a moment. She would have loved to be in his place, it looked so much easier to travel the way he did.

Intrigued, she watched the man, even though she could not see very much. He had beautiful black hair with a shimmer of blue. His head was bent down and she could not see his face. The bus door opened and the driver came back in. “We continue our drive, and I haven’t even seen his face”, she thought to herself.


The heavy vehicle started moving, and Lea turned around and looked back. The man had lifted his head and was looking at her. Their eyes met, and for a moment she could see his soul. She did not understand what she was seeing, she only knew that she had seen these eyes somewhere before. She had seen this man before. But when? And where? Never before had she been to this country. In her home country? This man was too poor to travel.

How much time was left until she was going to lose his eyes? One Second…more…. less… Lea tried to remember the man. All of a sudden she realized that it is not the man she knows, it is the soul. No doubt! It was the cry of a soul in a moment of an awful loss. These eyes made her realize all the pain and the feeling of losing a a child’s soul. A child’s soul? Lea shivered. Now she remembered: She was looking into the eyes of a hurt child. Her child! How could she ever forget? She had found her son!

She wanted to cry out loud: “Stop the bus, I have to go to my son, I have lost him once before, back then….” But her mouth remains shut. She does not have a son. Something inside her tells her to think, to look into his eyes again: It is her son. Another second or two, the bus slowly starts to move. “Look, look and remember.

Slowly the memory comes back: He was still young, so very young, back then when she had to leave. A second child had traded his life against hers. Her first born son was next to her. He did not cry. He was just looking at her, silently pleading her to stay. In the moment of her death she had sworn to herself not to leave him alone, but to come back. How long ago was that? How many lives had she lived in between, suffering, looking for her child’s soul?

The bus started to leave the gas station towards the road. A voice inside Lea shouted “This is your last chance, get off the bus and stay with him“, “How can I?”, she answered the voice “This time it’s not death that is separating us, it is life itself!” The man with her child’s soul, she had lost him again. Empty and exhausted she sat back in her seat, wanting to cry and to scream.

Then, it became clear to her: She had kept her promise! She understood just like he did: In this life, they have found each other.

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