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The Prophet - By Kahlil Gibran  
($5.40 /credit card) eBookAd 
In this timeless spiritual classic which has inspired millions around the world, the wise sage of the title, shares a life-affirming, thought-provoking way of looking at the world that is at once free of dogma, free of power structures and metaphysics. The work's 28 short chapters reflect the words of a prophet as he prepares to depart on a journey. What flows from the prophet's lips are philosophical and spiritual insights that reflect all aspects of life. Kahlil Gibran's work covers the entire range of human experiences and includes the Prophet's sayings "On Friendship," "On Pain" and "On Death." Gibran's haunting, lyric style has a power and lucidity that in another era would have been hailed as divinely inspired. Readers have found themselves returning to The Prophet's pages again and again to recapture the majesty and wisdom of Gibran's masterpiece.

Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality 
By Philip St. Romain
A fascinating account of a profound spiritual awakening. The purpose of this book is to describe the kundalini process as experienced by a Christian. As far as I know, this is the first book of its kind, which makes it significant in terms of the relationship between Christian and Eastern mysticism. The implications of kundalini relative to physiology, psychology, and spirituality will also be discussed. I believe these reflections will be of interest to spiritual directors, pastoral counselors, contemplatives, New Age readers, and those interested in Christian-Eastern dialogue

The Dolphins of Expedor
The Dolphins of Expedor is a story full of fun, adventure and courage. It's set in an underwater city called Expedor and is about the battle between good and evil, as the young dolphin, Timothy Shore struggles to save his world from destruction: not just from the dark forces of Expedor, but from humans as well. Join him on his adventure as, under the instructions of the mysterious Wizard Whale, he asks humans to help him, leading to some hilarious and action-packed moments. Download it now and find out if he saves his beloved Expedor. Enjoy the story... Look out for the Dolphins of Expedor web site, coming soon...

The Urantia Book
The Urantia Book presents an integrated world view composed from the concepts and ideas of more than 2,000 individuals who have contributed to the fields of science, philosophy, religion, history, sociology and theology during the last 2,000 years.
Compiled by an editorial staff of superhuman beings, the text provides a comprehensive perspective of human origins, history and destiny. 

Take Charge of Your Destiny ($12.95)
From learning to challenge your beliefs to harnessing your internal power Take Charge of Your Destiny explores the proven, time-tested ideas that makeup a fulfilling life, combined with the very latest research from the human potential movement.  You'll learn techniques used by top coaches from around the globe to help their clients succeed. You'll learn how your values affect every behavior in your life and how, if your not aligned with your top values, you will never feel satisfied no matter what else you do or no matter how much money you earn. You'll learn how to create an exciting, expansive, colorful vision for your life. One that will produce results far beyond what you get from goal setting alone. You'll learn practical information about taking charge of your health and why having your own health team is crucial for a happy life. 

All Woman
"All Woman" guides you to a special place in this world, it explores the magic of being a woman, and how to radiate confidence and magnetism with ease.

The special exercises in this book allow you to explore the Goddess in you, to define your true self in terms of your image, your character, and ultimately your destiny.

Have fun with it and enjoy your Goddess journey.


Keys To Power - 5 Miracle Steps To Getting 
Anything You Really Want

Learn how to get an abundance of all good things; prosperity, love, health, happiness, success, and more! The Keys To Power is the only workable, proven system that will teach you how to gain access to Power directly, and without giving up anything you value. You will not need to buy or make any strange outfits, 'tools of power', or sacred space. With the Keys To Power system, you will learn how to use Power anywhere, any time, and for any purpose.

  A2Zen e-glossary And New Age Dictionary
This Essential New Age Dictionary brings together ALL Words, Esoteric and Mystical - both Ancient and Modern, from Pali, Sanskrit, Egyptian, Hindu, Japanese, Chinese, Islamic and English. This "NEW AGE" that many of us we find ourselves in , is a wee bit terrifying. Totally unfathomable 'New ideas', along side the very, very old tried, true and tested ideas of yesterday, are now being revamped and re-named, seemingly continuously can be somewhat of a daunting experience for most.

I, Tutankhamun - The Greatest Book on Egypt Since the Book of the Dead ($12) 
This incredible story begins in the desert prior to conception, during the return journey from the Northern Greek realm, as the Father, the Egyptian Warrior Pharaoh, Amunhotep is escorting the Princess Tyah, his chosen bride to her new home. We watch with a birds eye view to the splendid entrance into Thebes... and the welcoming from the Egyptian people to their new Queen who in time, will become Tutankhamun's mother.
We, re-live the birth of the Crown Prince of the day, the Boy King we now know as Tutankhamun... is life, and his death. Through his eyes, we see olden day Egypt, from its government, war machine and economics to its customs, philosophies and religions, and the peoples total understanding of life, and its culture.


The Tellurian Enigma- A GUIDE For those on PLANET EARTH
In an unusual step the Author has given a special insight into another past life in Japan, during the 1600's... and how it directly related to this her present life. Of how decisions made then, way back in Japan, when she was a part of their Willow World as a Geisha... and how those decisions directly influenced her life, family and with special regard to her children, even NOW. Pre-Ordained, a rare portrayal of destiny. Proving just how valid Regressional Processing towards Enlightenment can be, to eradicating ones own Karma from interfering with your present and future life... and all the while... YOU are developing Your Psychic Abilities and enhancing Your SPIRITUAL Evolution. 



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