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Meditation on Living in the Here and Now

This is a guided meditation on Living in the Here and Now. To get started, please have a look at the Meditation Image, next return to read this text (you may

Soul Mates – Our Magic Mirror

The subject of soul mates is an intriguing one for most of us. We are curious to know how we can meet our soul mate, if maybe we have already

Steps Into the Light

  1) Do not depend on others As much as possible, have confidence in yourself and do not compare yourself to others. Try not to be in need of others'

Ancient Wisdom – Living Together in Balance

In his mystical poems, the renowned Indian mystic philosopher KABIR (1440-1518) pondered on how a student of spirit has to act in practical daily matters in order to live in

Training the Imaginative Mind

  Ask people what images come to their mind when they hear the word "happiness". The answers you will receive will differ substantially. Words remains empty, until 'imaginations' fill them

7 Steps from Positive Thinking to Positive Living

Positive Thinking  Understanding that everything is perfect, because it serves and helps me to walk through life with care and perseverance, full of trust and humor, calmly doing what has

Spiritual Adventures – Your Life Tower

Imagine your present life taking place in a four-floor 'life tower'. You look out the window from the first floor of this tower and you can see certain parts of

Conscious Relationships – Staying in the Energy of Love

  At the beginning of a relationship, it is easy to love. You don't have to do much to receive love. Both of you give and receive, like in a

Joyful Prayer

Moses once met a man lost in prayer, whose prayer sounded so absurd to Moses' ears that he felt compelled to stop and listen. The man was saying: "Let me

The Healing Power of Affirmations

  The word 'affirmation' has its root in the Latin word 'firmus' which means 'solid, strong'. An affirmation is a confirmation, a substantiation, an assurance that a certain thought will

Accompanying Souls on Their Journey Home

  When someone we love suddenly passes we all have to go through a natural state of shock and mourning. During this stage the soul that passed will still be

My Child’s Soul

A story on past lives, spirit guides and intuition Lea was tired. She had a long flight half around the world, which ended in a bus trip in an old

Humility ~ An Unvalued Strength

One of the most important characteristics of a spiritual life is simplicity and humility. All ancient masters including Jesus and Buddha displayed these virtues Humility = Willingness to Learn Each

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