When someone we love suddenly passes we all have to go through a natural state of shock and mourning. During this stage the soul that passed will still be very close to us, both physically (even though we can’t see them) and emotionally. The person who passed feels our pain and wants to stay with us and comfort us. It is very important for us to help them to go into the light after they passed.

If you have a loved one who passed, try to be receptive for the messages you receive from them. Especially when they passed suddenly, for example through an accident, and did not have time to communicate their last wishes, they still have a lot to tell us, and they will. You may be surprised that besides telling you what they experienced during their passing, they will also give you detailed and very mundane instructions of how they want their memorial service to be handled. Oftentimes they also answer other important question that have been left open by their passing.

They can also be a great comfort for you. Almost always, people who have lost loved ones are agonized with feelings of guilt (this seems to be a natural part of the mourning process). Your loved one will let you know that your are not responsible in any way for their death.

It is beyond their power, however, to answer the eternal question of “why”. This is where we all have the opportunity of finding the strength in our hearts and souls to believe and trust in a force wiser and greater than us to take care of us.

Be open for what souls on their journey into the light  have to tell you, and act accordingly. If they asked for it, then it is important to them and it will be important for your life too. Complying with their requests will greatly help them on their journey into the light. Also, if you can, see the memorial service as part of your loved one’s journey into the light.

While mourning is essential in the process of overcoming the death of a loved one, the acceptance of the physical death and the letting go of that person is the next important step on both our and their way. Remember, even if your loved one is not there physically, you never lose them spiritually and you will be forever connected.

Below is short mediation that can help you dissolve your feeling of separation and farewell from your loved one and at the same time help them on their journey into the light:

Sit down in a position comfortable to you, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing. Do not force anything, do not try to influence your thoughts in any way. Once you feel that you have reached a meditative state, visualize a ray of golden light. Let this ray turn into a beautiful pillar of golden light. See how your loved one enters this pillar of light and request they will be taken into the light, to the place where they have to and should be now.

See how happy they are to go into the light and feel their happiness inside of you. Let the golden pillar with your loved one rush away from you and keep focused in your meditation. When you feel the time is right, visualize a second ray of golden light. This time bathe yourself in this ray, draw it all around your body. Stay focused in your meditation and sit like this for a while. When you feel that it is time, return slowly and gently from your meditation.

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