Positive Thinking 

Understanding that everything is perfect, because it serves and helps me to walk through life with care and perseverance, full of trust and humor, calmly doing what has to be done, gratefully realizing the truth revealing itself behind appearance, and living securely in the fullness of being.

Positive Feeling

Accepting others openly and harmoniously the way they are, confidently relying on my feelings and feeling worthy to live in abundance, contemplating life without judging and lovingly letting happen the things that need to happen.

Positive Wanting

Wanting to learn and wanting to understand, excusing and forgiving, wanting the right thing, listening to what life wants, relinquishing my own wants for higher wants.

Positive Talking 

Learning to express myself clearly, learning to be silent and to listen without giving unrequested advice, being honest in word and action and giving gifts of words, bestowing courage and comfort to others and myself, using words only to help, to thank and to bless.

Positive Acting

Acting with circumspection and forbearance, being helpful, kind and constructive, remaining considerate and persevering, independent from the expectations of others, learning to give and to take and knowing to do the right thing at the right moment through inner guidance.

Positive Retreating

Retreating regularly into silence, making time for prayer and meditation, surrendering to truth and reality in harmony, and feeling safe and sound in it.

Positive Living

Honoring the spiritual laws, walking through life carefree and calmly, knowing that all is equal, nurturing harmonious relationships and seeing the beauty of all things, loving to live, but being ready to leave this life at any time, gratefully and consciously fullfilling ourselves every moment.

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